• HackerVilla

    Cartagena, Whenever DevCon Happens

  • The Year Is 2021

    The sounds of tapping keyboards...

    How it goes

    fill the deck by the pool. The other hackers have split into pods of three or four, except for the ronin with their fellow cypherpunks beamed in to talking avatars on the discord. Even in winter Cartagena is warm. The retro sunglasses held in place by thick headphones don't look out of place here. But this is just the first stop on the tour as they call it. A roving hacker villa popping up before every ETH X and DevCon. A meeting place for cypherpunks to punch their smart contracts into remix overlay with deep subgraphs and slick react UI. There are only 6 hours left, that means 24 down, but you're feeling fully plugged in to the mycelial network of ethereans.

    How it starts

    January was the loneliest. Even the cypherpunks used to solo surfing around Etherscan were starting to feel it. But you began to hear whispers in the discords about a hackervilla that would move from place to place in the post-vaccine world. The deal was you staked 1,337 PAN in a Pool-Party for a pass to the hackathon, more if you wanted a room in the villa or your name up in sponsorship lights. Twenty-plus hackers would drift into pods, some DAOs themselves, to buidl over the 30 hours. The whole thing would end in a party when the 1337 hackers would be named. Even for those who didn't find 1337 status here, there was always next time and the drinks and lights of the city would wash any jealousy away.

    Join Algo

    Here's how it works... Joining the Hackervilla is as simple an algo as they come...

    1. Pre-steps ~~ Download MetaMask, get ETH, and buy PAN
    2. Go to the Hackervilla Pool-Party 
    3. Ask to join with 1,337 PAN (~$100 just to hack) OR 6,667 PAN (~$400 if you want a claim on a villa room)... ps. you should have a couple extra PAN for proposal deposits
    4. Wait for the existing hackers to vote you in (if they don't you'll get your PAN back)
    5. Start participating in hackervilla governance (if you want)
    6. Have one member of the team show up in Cartagena.

    Hero algo

    Not all hackers are born a like. Some have been blessed with a that glorious melding of the binary with the biologic, others have enough script (crypto) to fuel the other code monkeys to dance in cyberspace with the 1s and 0s. For the HackerVilla the hero algo is just as easy.

    1. Ping  Yalor or 0xJoshua about hero spots. 
    2. Go to the HackerVilla Pool Party
    3. Ask to Join with: 
      1. Script Kiddies 16,667 PAN (~ $1,000) => Small logo on all branding, 2 hacker seats
      2. Hackivist  = 41,666 PAN (~$2,500) => Medium logo on all branding, villa room + 2 hacker seats (if wanted), +5 min shill at event
      3. 1337 Hax0rs = 83,666 PAN (~$5,000) => Large logo on all branding, villa room + 4 hacker seats (if wanted), + 15 min shill at event
      4. Cybernetic Immortals  = 413,372 PAN (~$25,000) => Xtra large logo on all branding, 4 hacker seats at all future events (if wanted), villa room at Cartagena event (if wanted) + 15 min shill at all events (present and future). 
    4. Bask in your heroic glory, hang by the Pool in Cartagena


    The HackerVilla doesn't end ever really. It just goes into hiding for a period of time. But once you're in, you're a part of things. Those shares in HackerVilla Pool-Party give you a little claim on the bank and a voice on this hacker pirate hideout going forward. The winning hackers from each event are asked to pledge 1% of their future tokens to the good of the Villa...that's share-and-share-alike.

  • Stake PAN to secure your spot

    Join the Party in Discord