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  • What is Pool-Party

    Invest crypto together with friends while earning interest.


    Pool-Party is a smart contract-based platform where people can pool and manage crypto currencies together. Pool-Parties are set up by groups looking to combine their crypto in order to jointly invest in a project or series of other tokens all while earning interest and tokens on the pooled crypto that remains in their pool-party.

    Our platform combines the power of decentralized autonomous organizations and decentralized finance to provide a trustless, secure way of pooling and investing crypto together.


    In total crypto pooled (so far)

    ~7.5% Avg APY

    On stable coin deposits

    5 Active

    Pool-Parties on the platform

    6 Interest Earning

    Currencies via Idle Finance integration

  • How to Pool-Party

    Join an existing party or start you own!

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    Get some crypto

    Buy some ETH-based crypto currencies

    Pool-Parties are about pooling crypto with your friends to invest together. So naturally, you'll need to have some crypto currencies on hand to begin to pool. No matter what, you'll need to start with about $25 on hand to pay for various transaction costs on Ethereum (called gas). From there most of our pool-parties involve pooling ETH, DAI, wBTC or other popular ERC20 tokens.

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    Download a Wallet

    Wallets are your window to the world of Ethereum

    A browser-based crypto currency wallet like MetaMask, Formatic, or Wallet Connect will allow you to connect directly to Pool-Party. It's the way you'll sign into our app and sign transactions like when you create a Pool-Party, deposit funds into a Pool-Party or vote on how to use a Pool-Party's funds. If you already have a custodial wallet like Gemini or Coinbase, you can send crypto to your new MetaMask or Fortmatic wallet from those services or buy ETH and other tokens via MetaMask's partners.


    If you're completely new to crypto, the easiest path is signup for Coinbase, buy some ETH and DAI there, download MetaMask, and transfer your crypto from Coinbase to MetaMask.

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    Joining a Party

    Ask to join an existing Pool-Party

    If you see a Pool-Party that interests you, like a DeFi investing club, hackathon or other Party, you can click on that Pool-Party on the discover page and then "ask to join" by pledging more than the minimum amount of that Party's primary crypto currency. For example, if you wanted to join a hackathon Pool-Party that used DAI as its primary currency and had a minimum commitment of 10 DAI, you would enter 10 DAI on that PParty's page and then click "Ask to Join." This generates a "membership proposal" and the existing members of the Party can vote you in (if they don't, you'll get your funds back). If they do accept you (likely), your funds will be deposited into that Party's smart contract bank and will start earning interest.

    Once you've been admitted to a Party, you will be able to make future deposits to that Party (up to 50% of the goal). You will also have the right to vote on how the Party spends its pooled funds, withdraw your share of any earnings, and leave the party with your remaining deposits and earnings.

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    Starting a Party

    Create a place for friends to pool crypto + earn interest + invest

    Pool-Parties are places where people can pool their crypto, earn interest, and then use that crypto to invest in something like a new project or decentralized investment club. When you create your own Pool-Party you're setting up a smart contract that will act as the bank where party members stash their crypto and also the place where you decide (i.e. vote) on how to spend those funds. To start a new Pool-Party you'll need some standard things like a good title, goal and description for the Party, but you'll also need to know what the minimum commitment will be, the crypto-currency you want to use as your main token, and who you want to invite to your Party (i.e. their Ethereum wallet addresses).

    Any one you pre-invite to the Party will be able to deposit funds (so long as it's more than the minimum) and then receive shares that you can use to vote on proposals to spend the Party's funds.

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